Wednesday, 3 August 2011

All About Online Chat while Dating

Online dating has evolved from the impersonal and fixed to the interactive, dynamic kind. The preferred mode of communication a decade ago – e-mails – have given way to instant messaging as well as phone and video chat sessions through new technology called VOIP or ‘voice over internet protocol’. If you wish to check out your prospective dates via this real-time video technology can do so with ease now without leaving your home and giving away your telephone number.

Instant messaging involves texting in real-time. It is also possible to chat without the visual aspect, with audio alone – a phone call over the Internet, from one computer to another, so to speak.  Most computers now come pre-installed with the requisite hardware, including web cameras built in.

In order to get connected you will have to download a specified software program and also must possess high-speed internet connectivity.  You will have to join a site such as Skype – membership is generally free – in order to facilitate communication through video and calling.  Your friends also must be signed up with the same company.  If you are active on Facebook or Google Plus, IM chat as well as video and audio calling is now built into these social media networks.  This is ideal for keeping in touch with family and friends across the globe.

You may want to sign up on a separate video clip dating service for the exclusive purpose of adult dating.  However, do exercise caution and join a reliable service as there have been several cases where malware and viruses that extract personal information have been traced to some of the less well-known dating sites.

Once you have signed up and have got several contact requests from prospective partners, the next step would be to either exchange e-mails or chat using IM in real time.  Follow up with an audio call or two and finally try a couple of video chat sessions before deciding whether you actually want to meet a potential suitor.

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