Monday, 1 August 2011

Speed dating 101

Speed dating is the new fun and convenient way to meet people. Initially started in 1998 by a Rabbi as a singles activity, it has now gained popularity all over the world. If you are one of those people that are not able to date because you don’t like frequenting bars or clubs to find random people, hate getting set up on a blind date by a ‘concerned’ aunt or simply don’t have the time, speed dating is the best thing for you.

By simply enrolling for a speed dating event, you put all the responsibility on the organizers to filter out the prospects. Depending on your age, orientation and interests, organizers put together a group of like minded people. There are equal number of men and women who take turns meeting everybody for a fixed duration of time. If you like someone or feel that there is potential, you write it in your scorecard. If that person feels the same, you get each other’s contact details.

It’s a great way for you and your friends to spend your evening as it lasts for only an hour or two. You also get to meet many interesting people and even if you don’t find a date, you might find yourself a great friend. Another perk of speed dating is that it doesn’t involve any excessive spending like formal dating. The fees that you pay the organizers include all food and beverages.

It is good to prepare before the event as it will help you find some perspective. By knowing what you want in your date, you can ensure yourself a good time. Have a short speech prepared when someone asks you about yourself. Be humorous and inviting so everyone has a good time with you. Do not be disappointed if you do not find your perfect date the first time; just remember to have loads of fun and spend a great evening getting to know interesting people. 

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