Thursday, 7 July 2011

Basic Dating Etiquette

The basic rules for dating aren’t complicated. It’s the same as having manners and being courteous to other people. There are some things that you have to remember – and not only because it’s a date and you wan tot make a favorable impression.

First off, treat your date with respect. Show up on time, whether you’re meeting at a prearranged time or you’re picking her up from home. Don’t stand up your date. If you have to cancel because of unavoidable circumstances, call the person, explain and apologize. You should also suggest another time and place to meet.  

Make an effort to show that the date is important to you – dress appropriately. Don’t show up drunk – and, don’t drink excessively when you meet, either. Men: don’t order for her without asking, and if you’re out for dinner, consult her before ordering the wine. Ask him/her about his/her work and what their interests are. It’s also rude to constantly be on your phone or email when you’re out with someone. Give the other person your complete attention. If the call is really important, explain why you have to take it. Keep an open mind. It’s difficult for everyone to meet new people, so even if it’s a bit awkward in the beginning, keep the conversation going and make an effort at keeping things light. It’s just nice to make other people comfortable in your company.

Guys, if you had a great time, and you want to ask her out again, only then should you say you’ll call. Otherwise, thank her for the date, say goodbye and leave without saying you’ll be in touch. It’s better to end it right there rather than giving someone false hope. Also, even if you didn’t have a fantastic time, let a day or so go by before you decide not to meet that person again. And no matter what, never trash the person to your friends – you don’t know if you might bump into him/her again!

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