Saturday, 16 July 2011

Dating Etiquette in the UK

The United Kingdom boasts of a fairly informal dating culture. This makes way for a higher frequency of casual dating and perhaps lower commitment pressures associated with it. Here’s a glimpse of dating practices in the UK.

Dating destinations – While many parts of the world find it inappropriate to head to a pub for a date, in the UK pub visits for dates are very common.

Dating norms –In the United States of America, people talk of sexual encounters after three dates and three to four months of exploring a mate for compatibility. But, in the UK, no such unstated rules are made apparent by either girls or boys. While this is advantageous to many, it is also a measure of uncertainty for some. Boys and girls who are dating each other may find it quite confusing and unaware of where their relationship is headed.

Many or one – Formal dating sometimes permits a person to be dating more than a single mate because he/she wants to ascertain compatibility. But in the UK it is common to be on casual dates with no room for multiple partners. Despite the casualness, dating more than one person at a time is considered thoroughly unacceptable.

Dating in the UK is a tad simpler. It is therefore far more easy to be realistic and set mutual expectations straight right from the first date. Complications that arise from formal dates are usually many. For instance, only men ask women out; food tabs and movie tickets are picked up by the men alone. However, casual dating writes off these old rules and has made it easy for even women to ask the men out. Going “Dutch” or sharing the bills paid during a date is now common and even trendy in the UK.

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