Monday, 11 July 2011

Don’t Leave Home without These on a Date

There are some things you just cannot afford to leave behind when dating. Here’s a list to date by:

Mobile phone – This is primarily helpful in keeping in touch with your date should you need additional directions or if you are unavoidably delayed. It is also invaluable for women as a means of ensuring your personal safety.

Handbag or wallet with credit cards and money – Often men will pay the food and beverage and other expenses, but women should be prepared to spend as well while dating.

A note or Post-It detailing the address of your dating venue with directions to its location.

A single bud rose or a small posy – Men, please notes that this is a sweet, romantic touch that’s sure to please your love-interest.

If the weather is wet, carry an umbrella - There cannot be anything worse than extensive preparations being spoiled by rain. Being wet and cold is not conducive to an enjoyable dating experience.

Reserve tickets in advance and carry them with you - In case you are escorting your date to an event, don’t assume you can purchase tickets at the venue. You may be sorely disappointed.

Condoms - Both men as well as women should carry birth control, though neither should expect sex on the first date. Nevertheless, modern dating can produce such a scenario, so it’s better to go sensibly prepared.

Take along trust, common sense, and humor in equal measures – Don’t assume everyone of the opposite sex is just like your bad ex. Similarly, practical judgment will point to any red flags with regard to compatibility. Finally, you should be able to enjoy yourself even on a first date – laugh and relax.

Lastly, don’t leave your personality behind while dating.  Don’t suppress it out of fear or shyness. Relax, talk, and have fun.

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