Monday, 18 July 2011

How to Ask Someone Out

Like someone but getting the jitters about asking them out? Sitting and hoping that the other person figures out that you are interested, or that it will just “happen” is not helpful.  However, putting your ego on the line because you’re not sure whether the person will accept can be a bit scary. Rejection is something that no one accepts easily. But this is something you have face, so be ready for it. That being said, you can still make that whole thing a bit easy on yourself – as well as the other person.

First off, don’t rush into asking the person out. If you suddenly jump into it, you might just get an instinctive refusal. Try to chat about inconsequential things first. Depending on whatever you have in common with that person, or even where you’ve met, you could have quite a few topics to chat about. Talking is the most obvious and the best way to put someone at ease. And flirting a little can be every enjoyable. Once you get talking, you will get an idea of how receptive the person will be to the idea of a date. Once you decide to go ahead, keep it casual. Just invite her or him for a lunch or a movie. If you get a refusal, you’ll know that they aren’t as interested in you are, so just let it go. Don’t get upset or stalk off, however. That will just make you look immature and all your effort at keeping it casual would go waste.

If, however, you get a yes, that’s great. Just remember you make the other person feel comfortable in your company. Go to a neutral place and don’t keep your first date overly long. A movie or a meal is just fine. Focus on talking, chat to him and her about their likes and dislikes, and it is a cinch that everything will go well. 

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