Wednesday, 27 July 2011

How can Women End a Bad Date?

When dating turns out to be just the opposite of what you thought, you will have no intention of continuing with that guy. Do you want to say goodbye to him, but don’t know how to? Are you thinking it’s harsh to say goodbye? This article has some tips on saying goodbye to your bad date in the appropriate way.

Understand that dating is the first step, only after which you decide whether to continue the relation. If dating a guy happens to be bad, there is nothing wrong in choosing separate ways. Escaping from the situation is not the solution, but facing it confidently and telling the guy straight away that you are uninterested is a good option. Talk things out openly and tell him this relation is not something you want. Ending things amicably is always a better option than leaving things complicated. But if you are extremely uncomfortable about talking things out, you have no other option than to leave the date without informing.

Another way for ending a bad date is by saying thank you to the person, and telling him that you do not intend to continue. You can be gentle and be careful with the emotions of the other person. If the guy insists on improving the date in the second chance, refuse the offer firmly. Say yes to the friendship offer, only if you feel that you will be comfortable with him.

There is no need for an uncomfortable relationship. You can openly and firmly convey your opinion and feelings. After telling him this, do not make any attempt to contact him, call him or talk to him.   

Sometimes, you need to be confident and say things on the face. If anybody is forcing you for dating the second time, tell him not interested on the face so that he never comes back.

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