Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pros and Cons of Online Chat Rooms

Given our hectic schedules, meeting likeminded individuals in real life has become increasingly difficult. In order to cater to the needs of busy singles, the concept of online dating was introduced, which has ever since become very popular. However, the single most important factor that has led to the popularity of online dating is the chat facility.

Online chatting allows you to meet other likeminded singles and actually talk to them as you would in the real life, albeit virtually. Online chatting, apart from being a handy tool that helps you exchange personal information, actually helps in making the final decision regarding the relationship. However, online chatting like all other aspects of online dating is filled with its own advantages and disadvantages. Following are some of the basic pros and cons of using the online chat facility.

Initiating conversation with other likeminded individuals is easier through online chatting than through mail. Given that chatting is akin to a conversation, albeit which is held virtually, it is extremely useful in ensuring that you get to know each other. What's more is that through chatting the initial awkwardness of the first meet is avoided, given that is virtual in nature.

Chatting, when done in public forums, limits the extent of intimate conversations that you can exchange with one another. While some might find this limiting, it is extremely useful, especially when you are new to this entire field and have just ventured into online dating. Moreover, it also allows you to gauge the field before actually selecting individuals that fit your criteria.

One of the biggest disadvantages of public chat forums is that you are not the only person chatting with the individual you are interested in. In other words, if any individual holds your interest, chances are that there are several others chatting with him or her, which could lead to jealousy. While this is unavoidable, keeping your cool and giving your relationship time is the best way to ensuring whether or not the other is worthy of your interest and time.

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