Thursday, 14 July 2011

Single Men and Dating

Dating creates opportunity to know more people. Single men may date for various reasons – to find a serious mate, to change their otherwise solitary lifestyle or even to just have fun. Whatever the reason, there are some tips to keep in mind.

Initiate – Single women who dated single men have found “go-getters” hard to resist. Be the one to ask her out. Be the one to start conversations. Be the single man she is looking for. Converse about her interests, yours too.

Listen – Speak fewer words about yourself. Be encouraging. Prod her, nudge her with your words to know more about what she likes or does not. Everyone wants to be listened to. Avoid gloating over your achievements. But, make sure you make a mention of what you have achieved. After all, she needs to know what makes you a special single man.

Smell good – Recently, researchers proclaimed that human body odour might have been the most effective defence against predators in prehistory. That means even wild jungle beasts have found human body odors repulsive. Now, this is your date and she deserves a treat of good smell to start with. Ensure you have spritzed on your favourite perfume and leave behind with her the “scent of a man”.

Spend and be practical – Plan your date expenses in advance. If you know the restaurant you have chosen for the date, be prepared to foot the meal bill. However, accept her contribution if she is insistent on sharing the bill.

Sign off in style – If your date has been enjoyable, go ahead and set the ground for another meeting. Offer to drive her home. Lend her a book and set stage for a date when she wants to return it. You can even walk her back home. This will give you more time together.

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