Friday, 22 July 2011

First Dates for Nature Lovers

If you are looking out for first-date themes a bit more unique than just dinner or a night on the town and you both happen to love the great outdoors, try one or more of these that are listed in ascending order of daredevilry:

·         Picnicking – This is a lovely, if a bit tame, first-date idea, but you can definitely score with a basket full of treats on a fine spring or summer day. 
·         Hiking – Know of a shady trail in your corner of the world? Walk the scenic route with your love match for a few hours while you get to know him or her better.
·         Bicycling – Depending on skill level and interest, you have two options here: cycling on city roads or mountain biking. City cycling may even offer the novel tandem bike alternative.
·         Riding horses – If your match is a greenhorn at riding horseback, consider lessons.  Else you could go trail riding together.
·         Camping out – This may be a better idea for one of your dates down the line once you know your date a bit better, but it could be a really great experience all the same. No modern city life distractions. Just look out for the bugs and the bears! Don’t forget the insect repellent.
·         Canoeing – Rent a canoe for two at a lake or a smooth flowing stream or river.  Enjoy a morning out paddling on the water.
·         Mountain climbing – If you or your love match is a novice, you must sign up for introductory classes. Having to trust each other while abseiling and securing lines will result in bonding closer.
·         Parachuting – Definitely not for the fainthearted but it can tighten those bonds. If you've got a date to match your own daring character, you could try the skydiving experience.

You won’t go far wrong if you don’t forget to incorporate the good food and beverage element into each of the above dating experiences. 

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